3 Benefits of a Retaining Wall

If you've been researching landscaping for your home, you've probably come across the terms "hardscape" and "softscape." But how can you blend the two for a cohesive look? Simple: by hiring The Southern Landscape Group to install a retaining wall. Retaining walls are one of the most common hardscapes and come with plenty of perks. So, we've outlined a few to help convince you.

3 Benefits of a Retaining Wall

1. Reduce Lawn Flooding

If lawn run-off is an issue in your yard, a retaining wall is a great way to control flooding. After heavy rain, soil and other lawn debris get washed away, especially around your home's foundation. These brick or stone walls keep soil and plants in their place, preventing erosion around your home. With the right design, we can also help divert that water to a better place in your lawn, so you're not left with a soggy yard.

2. Added Balance to the Landscape

If your home sits higher up, retaining walls help balance your landscape. Additionally, these hardscapes will help give your home the illusion that it sits on a flat surface, making it more inviting for your guests. Finally, adding depth to your landscape design allows you to experiment with all sorts of florals and shrubs as accessory pieces.

3. Functional Space

While it might be nice to have hills and mounds on your property, these areas provide little function on their own. But, when you install retaining walls, these spaces instantly become more functional. Not only do they add an aesthetic touch to your home, but they can also double as extra seating or places to stop and smell the roses, literally.

Add More to Your Home's Landscape

If you're looking for a way to enhance your outdoor living space, give The Southern Landscape Group a call! We proudly design, install, and maintain retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, and lighting in lawns throughout Pinehurst, NC. So, if you're ready to hand your landscaping over to the professionals, contact us today at (910) 944-2361.