If you’re considering creating an outdoor walkway on your property, there are some important safety considerations to consider. Thankfully, The Southern Landscape Group has plenty of experience with outdoor hardscape and pathway designs and installs. So, here are our top three tips for creating a safe outdoor walkway.

3 Tips to Creating a Safe Outdoor Walkway

1. Choose Slip-Resistant Materials

It’s essential that you select materials for your outdoor walkway that won’t become slippery when wet, such as concrete or brick pavers with a textured surface. One of the most popular materials used for outdoor walkways is flagstone because it comes in various shapes and sizes and can be laid out in attractive patterns. However, even flagstone can become slick when wet, so make sure to use a sealer on top of it after installation to provide extra traction underfoot.

2. Make Sure the Path is Wide Enough

The width of your outdoor walkway should depend on where it will be located, who will be using it, and its purpose. If you’re building a path alongside your house that will primarily serve as an entry point from your driveway or front yard, then four feet in width should suffice. For paths that lead through gardens or along fences, two feet should be plenty wide enough. Keep in mind that pathways must be wide enough for two people walking side by side.

3. Incorporate Lighting

Well-lit pathways not only look great but also help ensure everyone's safety at night. They prevent people from tripping over unseen obstacles or stepping off the path's edge into areas they don't belong (like flower beds). Low-voltage lighting systems are ideal for lighting up pathways since they consume less energy than traditional bulbs while still providing plenty of illumination—Just make sure you install waterproof fixtures designed specifically for low-voltage systems!

Create Your Perfect Outdoor Walkway

When designing and building an outdoor walkway, safety should always come first! The team you choose for installation should also be top of mind. That's why so many homeowners throughout Pinehurst and Southern Pines, NC, trust The Southern Landscape Group. Our team can help with the design and installation of all your outdoor spaces, including walkways, patios, and outdoor kitchens. Contact us today at (910) 944-2361.