Water is essential for any lawn and landscaping, but it can also cause a lot of damage if not properly drained. The drainage system in your lawn and around your flowerbeds can make all the difference. If your yard floods easily or you find puddles of standing water after it rains, then it's time to call the drainage experts from The Southern Landscape Group. We specialize in lawn drainage systems, and here are the three most common types we install.

3 Types of Yard Drainage

1. French Drains

A French drain involves digging a trench along the lowest point of your lawn. A geotextile lines the bottom of the channel to allow for the passage of water, and gravel lays on top of the textile. Then a perforated pipe lays on top of the gravel and the entire system is hidden by a final layer of gravel. To allow for water passage but block larger objects, a thin, metal grate is placed over the top of the trench. A French drain makes the perfect addition around slanted patios and at the ends of driveways.

2. Channel Drains

A channel drain in your lawn prevents water from pooling on impervious surfaces. Channel drains are ideal around inground pools, garage floors, and near sidewalks or walkways. A channel drain involves installation directly into the pavement or concrete rather than in the dirt of your lawn. This drain collects rain or sprinkler water before channeling it into the correct drainage system below ground.

3. Yard Drains

Yard drains are also known as collection basins; they catch excess surface water running away from your home. As the name would suggest, each drain funnels water directly into a more extensive drainage system below ground. Many homeowners find this type of system beneficial after heavy rains or snowmelt. However, while yard drains are the most efficient, their large metal grates are more noticeable than other drainage types.

Install a Drainage System Today

If your lawn floods because of melting snow or spring and summer rains, then it's time to call The Southern Landscape Group. With our professional lawn drainage systems, we can control and divert water away from your home, creating a permanent yard drainage system that prevents further water damage issues. We can also install a lawn irrigation system, outdoor lighting, and retaining walls to give your home a unique look and feel. We proudly serve residents living in Pinehurst, Southern Pines, and Whispering Pines, NC, so call us today at (910) 944-2361.