Don’t Fall For These 3 Common Lawn Care Myths

In the age of all this technology, it's easy to assume you can look up anything and get the right answer. However, when it comes to your lawn care, you really shouldn't leave it up to message boards and memes. The Southern Landscape Group understands how it might seem easier to solve lawn care issues on your own, but don't fall for these three common myths.

Don't Fall for These 3 Common Lawn Care Myths

1. A Garden Hose Is Just as Effective as a Sprinkler System

While watering your lawn with a garden hose is the cheaper, instant solution, it's often the most expensive long-term. Homeowners who tend to water their lawns by hand end up overwater areas and killing their lawn. They also experience higher water bills than those with energy-efficient sprinkler systems.

2. Cutting the Grass Short Will Decrease Mowing Frequency

While the idea of a short, crisp lawn might sound appealing at first, homeowners who do this regularly soon find themselves struggling to keep their lawns alive. Unfortunately, when you cut grass blades too short, the roots can be overexposed to the hot summer sun, causing the grass to burn and die. So, lift those blades this year if you want a healthier, greener lawn. 

3. Spring Is the Best Time to Fertilize

This idea might seem correct when you first start with your lawn care. However, the absolute best time to fertilize is in the fall. Fall fertilizing and seeding gives your lawn enough time to germinate, grow, and sprout before the colder months. Then fertilizer feeds the new grass all winter long, giving it the perfect conditions for spring. This schedule also means your fresh grass will be more heat resistant in the summer. 

Your Lawn Care Starts Here

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