5 Reasons Why You Need Backyard Drainage If You Live On A Hill

Living on a hill offers some great advantages, like stunning views and the refreshing breeze, but there are also some pitfalls. In a hillside residence, there is always the problem of water drainage, which can ruin your lawn and cause other major headaches. Water pooling can also lead to slip and fall accidents, making it a hazard for your family and pets. These are all great examples of why you need backyard drainage. But there are also other reasons to have The Southern Landscape Group install a drainage system around your property.

Why You Need Backyard Drainage If You Live On A Hill

1. Prevent Soil Erosion

Living on a hill makes your lawn susceptible to soil erosion caused by water. In areas where soil is loose, rainwater can quickly create gulleys, making it difficult for grass and plants to grow. Backyard drainage systems keep water from eroding the soil by redirecting it to appropriate areas. By avoiding soil erosion, you can maintain a beautiful lawn and conserve the topography.

2. Prevent Foundation Damage

Water pooling and runoff can seep into your foundation and cause significant damage. It can destabilize the foundation, leading to cracks, leaks, and mold growth. Effective backyard drainage systems prevent water from accumulating near your foundation, saving you from costly repair work and keeping your home safe.

3. Prevent Unhealthy Living Conditions

Water pooling enhances the growth of bacteria and fungi in your yard, producing unhealthy living conditions. The standing water can breed mosquitoes and other insects that can cause diseases. It also creates a slippery surface, leading to accidents or injuries. With backyard drainage, you can avoid these unhealthy conditions and have a safe and hygienic environment.

4. Improve Outdoor Living

Living on a hill usually means having a beautiful outdoor space, but it can be difficult to enjoy with water damage and water pooling. Installing a drainage system can help you reclaim your outdoor space and make it more functional. You can use your lawn during rainy seasons, which was previously impossible, and have a beautiful and serene outdoor space for various activities.

5. Protect Your Property With the Right Drainage

Backyard drainage is not just a luxury for homeowners living on a hill; it's a necessity. So, contact The Southern Landscape Group if you're having issues with pooling water after snow melts or a hard rainfall. We specialize in various drainage solutions, including yard drainage, hardscape patio drainage, catch basins, and more. We can also design a landscape to help beautify your property while protecting your land in Aberdeen, NC, from erosion. Contact us today at (910) 944-2361, and let's get started!