Planning Your Landscape in the Winter

Your garden may be dormant right now, but you don't have to be. Take some time for planning your garden. Winter is the best time to gain some perspective on your design choices and plan for your tasks ahead.  Here are four steps to successfully planning your landscape in the winter:

Step 1: Observe and Identify

Take a look at the flow of your yard, how your outdoor entertaining spaces are connected, and if the layout serves both form and function.  Just because you’re not artistic, doesn’t mean you can’t have a hand in designing your outdoor space.  YOU are the one using this space; only you know the true significance of each area.

The best way to approach your project is to observe your yard.  Make note of how you use each space, and how these spaces interact with each other.  For instance, you may love to look out on the lake at sunset.  To enhance this experience, you may want to add some seating or strategically place a jacuzzi for the perfect afternoon.

Step 2: Use the TSLG Checklist

Not sure what you want in your dream yard? You can find the checklist on our Facebook page.  The questionnaire is also meant to help you notice site-specific conditions.  Are there drainage issues where you're thinking of placing that vegetable garden?  Will you existing irrigation system reach the new bed you're planning?

Step 3: Measure the Space

It's straight-forward.  Measure your space, and make a quick sketch.  If it’s crude, it's okay!  You’re just using this as a tool to organize what your wants and needs are.  Do you really have the space for a pool?  Will you be baking in the sun if you place a patio in the back corner?  We think you get the idea.

Planning your Landscape

Step 4: Planning Your Landscape With a Bubble Diagram

Bubble diagrams are an essential part of planning your landscape.  It helps specify exactly how, where, and why you want to spend your money.  Landscape architects bubble-diagram to determine how to best fulfill their client’s wishlist.  Use it!  You may make an attempt and realize that it’s better off you hire a professional.  At least you found out before you went to a garden center and wasted some of your hard earned money...

planning your landscape