The Unexpected Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

Years of planning and dedication, late nights and toil and you've finally made it. You've set up shop nearby and can now call your business a "brick-and-mortar" company.  But after spending all this time meticulously planning where to make your big move, shouldn't some thought go into how this decision may affect your brand?



For those of you at a loss, your brand is your business' professional identity. Everything from written content to the way your business looks and how it makes potential customers feel is part of your branding. It's no secret that the location you choose is extremely relevant to brand image.

But what about your landscape? It seems sort of superfluous after all that business planning, doesn't it? But a well-maintained landscape can say a lot about your business and your brand. Take a look at branding from a customer's perspective. A well-maintained store front reinforces a positive brand image; conversely, a poorly maintained property can actually hurt your brand image or worse... your reputation.


Take a look at TSLG's commercial account, Memorial Hospital!  It's hard not to trust an institution with such dedication to detail.

Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity

A presentable commercial landscape doesn't just affect lead generation and customer retention. It's been proven that a well-maintained property can improve the mental health of your workers.
Plants raise humidity levels by releasing moisture into the air. Higher humidity levels also help to lower the surrounding temperatures and improve air quality. Comfortable temperatures, improved aesthetics, and better air quality collectively help to reduce stress.  With less attention being paid to stress inducing subject matters, your workplace's productivity will enjoy a boost!


Choosing the Right Professional

It's important to work with the right landscape professional in order to realize all of the advantages of commercial landscaping services. The best way to approach the selection process is by recognizing which benefits are most important to you. Are you looking to improve your employees' environment? Reduce stress? Do you want to create a landscape that lends to your brand image? Or maybe you're just looking to improve safety around the office by keeping things clean and neat?

Whatever you're looking for, make sure your landscape contractor is licensed and insured. Check out Scroll down our page to see all of our certifications and licensure. The qualifications you see are exactly the kind your professional should measure up to.