Water Features for Small Spaces

The Benefits of a Water Feature

Picture this.  You have a long day ahead of you, and too much to accomplish for the remaining week.  Overwhelmed and anxious, you realize the only way to tackle these upcoming challenges is to unwind and clear your mind.  You immediately walk into the backyard where you sit in a nice comfortable chair, sip some coffee, and proceed to listen to the soothing sounds of water flowing over rocks.

Now, you’re ready for the day.

Everyone has a little stress in their life and could use some stress relief and relaxation at the end of a hard day.  The soothing sounds of flowing water can bring stress relief to any environment.

Now we know what you’re thinking, “My yard doesn’t have the space for that!”  Water can bring life to even the most limited of spaces.  Small spaces only restrict the quantity of water used, not the quality of the water feature itself.  When planning your landscape, consider a new water feature.  They are more affordable and easier to install than ever before... And gives a wonderful finishing touch to any outdoor space.

Consider This

When incorporating water into your yard, consider the style of your space.  Does your yard have a contemporary feel? Zen? Modern? Rustic?  This is an important part of choosing your water feature.  The right feature should blend seamlessly with your existing landscape as if it was planned for all along.

Another point to consider is the dimensions of the water feature in relation to the height and width of surrounding landscape.  Water features are both versatile and predictable (in comparison to growing plants), and are easily contained within a planned landscape.  If your space is limited, avoid expansive ponds and instead use falling water! No matter what size, water features are always eye-catching and even mesmerizing.

Water Features for Small Spaces

Water features can range from a sculptural decoration to an expansive pool of water complete with fish and water plants.  Take a look at 10 water features for small spaces:

Traditional Fountains

Bubbling Rocks

Urn Fountains



Wall Features

Small Ponds


Pondless Waterfall

Water Garden Bowl