Why You Need an RPZ Backflow System

One vital aspect of owning a home is ensuring that your water supply is safe and secure. Contamination can happen at any point, including within your well or irrigation system. So, one of the ways to prevent contamination is by having The Southern Landscape Group install an RPZ backflow system. But why and how does this system improve your water supply? Allow us to explain.

Why You Need an RPZ Backflow System

Ensures a Clean Water Supply

A backflow system is designed to prevent contaminated water from getting into your home. Simply put, it keeps the water flowing in one direction and eliminates any possibility of flowing back into the system. This eliminates the chances of polluted water coming into your home and ensures that the water you consume is clean and safe for use.

Prevents Water Damage

In the instance that there is a backflow of water, a backflow system puts measures in place to prevent extensive water damage. For example, in the case of a sewage backup, a backflow system will prevent sewage from flooding your home and causing extensive damage. It's essential to note that water damage can be costly and dangerous, so installing a backflow system is a wise investment.

Lowers Insurance Costs & Higher Property Values

As you may have guessed, less risk of water damage to your home makes insurance companies happy. As a result, you may find there are lower premiums on homes with backflow systems installed. Additionally, a backflow system raises the value of your property. That's because one of these systems ensures future homeowners won't have to worry about contaminated water. 

Complies with Local & State Regulations

In North Carolina, installing a backflow system is mandatory. It's, therefore, essential to install one before any legal implications arise. Moreover, the system must be tested and inspected by a licensed and experienced professional. These procedures ensure your system adheres to the state laws and requirements.

Protect Your Home's Water Supply

As you can see, installing a backflow system in your home is not only vital for your health and safety, but it affects your property value and lowers your insurance costs. So, when you need a new system installed or your current one inspected, call The Southern Landscape Group at (910) 944-2361. Our team is licensed and registered to work on your system anywhere in Pinehurst and Southern Pines, NC. We can even maintain your lawn and take care of your drainage system. So, don't wait! Contact us today.