Why Your Spring Sprinkler Checks are Necessary

Are you working hard to get your lawn ready for spring and summer? If so, you're likely doing all your usual chores, like mulching, mowing, and fertilizing, in preparation for a green, lush lawn. But what about your sprinkler system? You can't just turn it on after a long winter season and expect it to function correctly. So, here are several reasons your spring sprinkler checks are important. Remember, The Southern Landscape Group can always take care of this for you if you're unsure of what to do.

Why Your Spring Sprinkler Checks are Necessary

Check Controls and Programs

Before the first watering cycle, you must check the controls and programs of your system. You'll want to make sure you've reset the fall watering schedule to the spring watering schedule. You should also check the backup battery to make sure it's charged. Making these simple systems checks will ensure your control panel is aligned with your spring lawn goals.

Clear Obstructions

Fall and winter debris can accumulate on your lawn, obstructing a sprinkler head. Even the compaction of dirt, sand, and rocks can obstruct a sprinkler head, causing a blockage or malfunction. If you don't check for this now, you'll eventually have an uneven water distribution on your lawn.

Replace Worn or Old Sprinkler Heads

Spring is the ideal time to replace your sprinkler heads with new ones. Technology advances and sprinklers become better every year. Furthermore, new sprinkler heads mean less maintenance and worry for you throughout the year. Working with cracked or damaged nozzles and heads will only cause more issues down the road.

Open the Valves With Care

Opening up your valves and turning the water on full blast can lead to water hammer. Not only can this intense and sudden surge of water bust underground pipes, but it can also bust the nozzles and valves of your system. So, make sure you turn on the water as slowly as possible for the first time this spring.

Pressurize Correctly

Finally, when turning the water on for the first time, it's crucial you monitor the water pressure. The water pressure should be on par with what your system can handle. If the pressure is too high, pipes can burst. So, the best way to guarantee this doesn't happen is to invest in a high-quality water gauge that you keep hooked up between the water source and your system.

Let the Pros Handle Your Sprinkler System

If you find the maintenance of your sprinkler system to be overwhelming, then it's time to call The Southern Landscape Group. We not only install these systems, but we also maintain them for homeowners around Pinehurst and Aberdeen, NC. We also offer drainage solutions, lawn care, and landscape design. So, give us a call today at (910) 944-2361.