3 Common Dangers Associated with Irrigation Backflow

Lawn irrigation systems are highly convenient for maintaining your lawn's health. However, they can also pose several safety concerns for your family and the surrounding environment when malfunctioning. The Southern Landscape Group explains three common dangers associated with landscape irrigation backflow.

3 Common Dangers Associated Irrigation Backflow

1. Water Contamination

Irrigation backflow can result in contaminants entering your drinking water, such as pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste, and other pollutants. This contamination can cause adverse health effects, from gastrointestinal issues to severe infections. The issue is particularly concerning, given that some contaminants may not be immediately visible or cause an odor that can alert you to the problem.

2. Damage to Your Equipment

Backflow can also cause damage to your lawn irrigation equipment, such as sprinkler heads, valves, and pipes. Over time, the growth of minerals and debris in the system can clog the equipment, affect the pressure, and lead to leaks and cracks. Not only can this potentially cause damage to the equipment, but it can also reduce the efficiency of the lawn irrigation system, resulting in waste and higher utility bills.

3. Environmental Concerns

Backflow can also lead to environmental concerns, such as contaminating nearby rivers, streams, and groundwater, leading to fish and other aquatic life problems. The chemicals used in maintaining your lawn, such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, are dangerous to surrounding ecosystem health and contribute to water pollution, not to mention that backflow can waste water, a precious resource.

We Can Help Prevent Backflow

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