5 Fall Florals to Make Your Landscaping Pop

Who says you can't continue to enjoy beautiful colors in your landscaping in the fall? You certainly won't hear that from us here at The Southern Landscape Group. As the days get shorter and the weather cools, replacing your summer foliage with all the hues of fall is a great way to make your landscaping design pop. If you want to avoid constantly replacing flowers in your flower beds, perennials are the answer. Here are some great options for fall florals to incorporate around your home.

5 Fall Florals to Make Your Landscaping Pop

1. Marigolds

If you're looking for bold, bright colors to add to your fall garden, marigolds are the perfect plant. Blooming in late summer and early fall, these flowers will dot your flowerbeds with bright red, orange, or yellow hues. Additionally, marigolds are beneficial for the honey bees, supplying colonies with the nectar and nutrients they can store through the winter. 

2. Tall Lavender Wands

Also known as Russian sage, tall lavender wands are the perfect addition to any flower bed. They provide a soft purple backdrop and texture that you can't find with other plants. Furthermore, they're a great plant that takes up more space, growing as tall as five feet and spreading out to as much as three feet. They're a great perennial that will give your home plenty of enjoyment for the next decade. 

3. Lantana

Lantana is a late fall-blooming favorite for those looking to accent their other floras. This fountain grass blooms in various colors and is also a great addition to your indoor floral arrangements. However, management of this plant is difficult for those with busy schedules, which is why we recommend you only add this plant to your landscaping if you have a professional maintenance company. 

4. Encore Azaleas

This floral blooms twice a year: in the spring and again in the fall. During their non-blooming season, you can appreciate the greenery they add to your flowerbeds. Encore azaleas come in various colors, including purple, red, and pink shades, making them the perfect fall floral. Bring the blooms indoors for some pops of color throughout your home, or leave it all outside for the neighbors to enjoy!

Let's Fall in Love with Autumn

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